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XRDC token within the Classic ecosystem

*Just a quick FYI before you get into the XRDC details. At no point now or in the future are we going to be OK with organised scalping groups draining our liquidity, nor airdrop recipients who want to dump free tokens onto an illiquid market during a bear cycle. You can trade freely on XRDC but we don't have a zip up the back either and we won't permit malicious destruction of our project. *

XRDC will perform a new role within our evolving token ecosystem. It is now “XRPL digital currency” or “XRDC” in common usage. We are moving away consciously from the association with the legacy XRdoge project. Nor we do want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.


The XRdoge brand and mythology belongs to us, we have memetics running through our veins, and that is the ethos we wish to carry forward.


XRDC is the lynchpin to the ecosystem we are building, and we are expanding her sister projects as use cases for XRDC. Any project looking to be added to the XRDC trading platform will require to hodl a minimum amount (TBD in amendments) of XRDC in order to participate in our trading ecosystem (This is to say our decentralized exchange interface and our automated trading features).


In the future, all auctions of XRDC, XR77 or Steampets related items will be transacted in XRDC. XRDC is the CURRENCY of our ecosystem. Eventually merch, business integrations and any sales related to utility will be sold in XRDC.


Tokenomics 25% Project and founders – Project expenses, team member wages and payout. Used at our discretion with the promise that they will not be used to harm the project price.


5% Presale – Sell walls pegged to Current XRdoge Price for 10 days.


70% Focused airdrop + staking – Token holders from the presale will be rewarded with 2X their holdings as a drop, the balance will go to XRdoge holders with a trustline set to XRdoge Classic, with an XRdoge balance between 10 million and 500 million, will have the remaining tokens dropped to their wallets 1:1. We want to reward holders of XRdoge who have taken a risk, regular people who aren’t whales and maybe would like another chance at a mega pump. And people who were disappointed as to how XRdoge turned out.


Any leftover tokens will be used to fund staking. Sounds a lot like before right? And you’re right. One big difference though.


No trading rules


XRDC was in many ways a test net for the concept of using the ability to freeze trustlines in order to regulate a project against malicious trading. That didn’t work out, so we are positioning XRDC as the means of exchange within our ecosystem, and freeing it up from the necessity for holders to behave in a disciplined fashion. We are not going so far as blackholing the project. Because you can never say never, and it’s prudent to keep options open. But barring some unlikely confluence of events, we will never use the tools available. We can most certainly still promise that no new XRDC will ever be issued.




XRDC will be the currency of Steampets. Steampets is a hidden history project in which history is explored via a fun game set in a re-imagined 19th century with a Steampunk aesthetic. For more information go to


All auctions in the future, comic book sales, sponsorship of events within the hidden history community, all of this will be done using XRDC.


This will include access to our Steampets Metaverse, the “steamverse”, NFT auctions and special offers.


XRDC trading platform


XRDC is going to be the grease that makes the wheels squeak for our trading platform. Projects will be required to stake XRDC in order to use the platform, there are going to be multiple trading pairs specifically for XRDC, and all of the branding and imagery will be in keeping with XRDC. All games, whether in apps or in web browsers, will require and pay out in XRDC. Staking We would still like to offer incentives for those who like hodling/ accumulating and wish to continue doing so. Our staking offers will continue as before, and we will link loyalty to access both in our command centre and within the xr77 Ecosystem.

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