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Hedera Digital Currency constitution.

First, an outline of our philisophical underpinnings.

We are anarchists, first and foremost. We believe that all interactions between individuals and between individuals and governments/ coroporations/ societies/ NGOs, should be on a voluntary basis, and stand firmly against coercion of any kind, including the cloaked coercion of "regulation" and other dark magick such as "auditors" or "oversight", which we consider to be nothing more than the modern manifestation of the Human impulse to create Priest classes, in order to sequester wealth and opportunities for cliques and insiders. That is to say, everything that is wrong with the modern world.

We are opposed to KYC, which is nothing more than data capture for the purpose of surveillance and control, and to centralize access to decentralized systems. We believe that decentralized finance should be truly decentralized, in order to preserve the human right to dignity, privacy and freedom.

We are not a corporation. we are a living community of like minded individuals, working collectively to better our situation and that of our friends and families.

We are memetic magicians in the truest sense. The use of simple techniques and repetition to propagate ideas in digestible chunks, and undertake true magic, the transformation of will into action, on the terrain. In simple language, we want to use the same rhetorical weapons which have been used against Man since the beginning of the mass media age, to benefit human beings instead of exploiting them.

We have an esoteric inclination, and we free speech maximalists. Join our socials and we can discuss anything from your favorite food to eat, to the shape of the Earth, crypto news, ancient giants, and everything in between.

We are supportive. We regularly lend our community members money, we offer advice and guidance, a setting which is non-judgmental. We are empathetic and recognize the efforts of even the smallest holder within our community. Our community are our friends and family, and we consult them on all decisions. And they trust us that if they don't succeed, neither will the developers or founders.  This is the real proof of work for our project, our people. We share a collective fate, whether that be success or failure, we succeed or fail together. A harder working, smarter, funnier and more welcoming community does not exist in crypto. 

We are also not only a "meme" coin. We reserve the right to undertake any project of our choosing which benefits our community members. For example, we have, in previous endeavors, undertaken several utility projects, including a DEX interface on the XRPL ledger, an end to end payment portal for e-commerce, a patented hardware system for offsetting carbon usage. 

Memetics is our core. As the memetic idea transcends the creation of apps, gadgets or doohickeys, it is at the essence of how Human beings process and innerstand the world.

It is our belief firmly that value transfer networks such as Hedera, with bleeding edge transaction speeds and advanced cryptographic algorithms, require memetic vehicles operating on them, which can make the technology more appealing to a wider audience. Most men are practical creatures, and most are embroiled in the battle to survive and thrive on the terrain daily, and they require new systems of finance and transacting to be shown to be effective before they waste their valuable time on them.

An apt analogy would be the invention of celluloid. This breakthrough, stunning as it was, required the use of "cinematic vehicles" to become relevant and of value to a mainstream audience. That is to say, you can build as many cinemas as you want, but unless you have the Avengers, Mickey mouse or "The Terminator" on the big screen, no one is going to pay the price of admission.

And our track record speaks for itself, XRdoge was the first mover meme coin on the XRP ledger in October of 2021, within a matter of weeks from our initial airdrop, the token peaked in value at over $200 million market cap, gains of more than 2000x. These breathtaking gains spurred the adoption of the XRP ledger and the liquidity we attracted transformed the ledger forever. These are facts. Even our enemies, of which we have many, mostly envious because of our track-record of success, acknowledge this.

And we can do this for Hedera.

We want to engage with the Hedera community, share our experience and also learn from the fantastic people working on this gorgeous and powerful network. We have an investment fund which will be investing in the plethora of excellent Hedera projects. We are open to collaborations of any flavor, our popular twitter spaces offer an open invitation to anyone seeking to promote their own project.

"stupid dog coin", "scammers", "no utility" is the kind of low IQ critique we hear almost daily and are frankly impervious to. This attitude lacks a nuanced understanding of what memetics can offer a network. Lift yourself and take the 30000ft view of memetics. HBAR holders are out there, over 1 billion market cap, but most of them don't know about or don't understand the Hedera token network, and they require an impetus, some motivation, in order to travel that learning curve. A fun project with an exciting message and excited community can provide that. We can offer easy to follow tutorials, a simple and compelling message, and support new participants. And the fact is, that once that additional liquidity has arrived on the network, it tends to filter into other projects, and there are so many great projects on Hedera.

As an example, after our epic run from 0 to 200 million market cap on the XRPL, the next beneficiary was Sologenic, the primary interface to the XRPL dex, and a true utility project with a powerhouse of developers, Engineers and investors. Investors had to get into the XRPL using the impetus XRdoge provided in order to discover Solgenic. THAT is the magic of memetics.  

The gameplan. This aint our first rodeo.

Our plan is to build robust tools and tutorials in order to introduce our community members to the Hedera ecosystem. Using a mix of proven guerilla marketing techniques ("memes") from our sophisticated and talented "special meme service", in combination with easy to access tutorials to onboard new network participants. When combined with a helpful community open to questions and welcoming to new members, we expect this will draw in significant new liquidity to the Hedera network, pumping the price of HDC, rewarding early investors.

FOMO. The initial hype and price increases will create a snowball effect drawing in new liquidity. Price discovery will occur during this phase resulting in mania. And remember the bulk of the incoming liquidity will remain within the Hedera ecosystem.

Diversification. With regards the Hedera network, in our experience the new liquidity created by the first mover Meme coin will remain within the Hedera network. The explosion in price of the Sologenic network is directly correlated to the initial liquidity injection to the XRPL spurred by XRdoge (None of this is to suggest that investment into Sologenic is as a result of our meme coin, it was on the merits of the project, but imagine this, a cinema franchise is looking for investors, investors come to view a movie (a meme coin in this analogy) and are more likely to notice the other excellent investment opportunities).

Meme coins are catalysts to adoption. This is the pact or alliance we would like to form with the Hedera community. There will be an impulse, a tendency to fear, when they see this "stupid dog coin" explode, but we aren't here for the money of the Hedera token community or to get people to dump the other great tokens to fomo into HDC. Eventually this liquidity will filter into YOUR favorite community. 

Copy cat phase. After the explosive success of the XRdoge brand, 100s of imitators appeared. Xoge, babyXRdoge, XRshib, Xsamo, XRdogeDad (I'm not kidding!) . "HDC killers" will be everywhere. Accusations will fly, those who hate change will cringe.


From the maelstrom, a new, larger and more diverse Hedera token eco-system will emerge, the copycats looking for a quick buck will fall by the wayside and liquidity will have moved to the big hitters. SAUCE, LUCKY, and similar projects with huge potential.


The HDC team is currently investing in Hedera tokens, partially for this reason. Also because we want to leverage the success of these coins in the future. Bear that in mind. We are accumulating Hedera altcoins in participation of HDC's success spilling over into Hedera alts. That is putting your money where your mouth is. Hedera alts and liquidity pairs will also be held in our investment fund xr77 , this is the trade-off. We will support Hedera, and our community will reap benefits. 

There is no straight line which goes up forever. We won't sit and tell you that the price of HDC will go up in a straight line forever, that's absurd. We're not going to tell you to invest your life-savings either. MEME COINS ARE A RISKY PLAY. So are lottery tickets, would you invest the college fund in a lottery ticket? What we are telling you is there is an opportunity for early participants to make a great deal of profit with HDC, leveraging the new liquidity in the network to diversify into the suite of awesome projects alongside HDC, and the end result will be a larger, more diverse and liquid environment. This, in the grand tapestry, is the role of a meme coin, to spur adoption of the parent network. Meme coins are often reviled and despised, "why would anyone buy that shit?? LMAO"... "total dog shit" ... we get comments like that all the time, even from people who have made money from us. What they don't get is that ecosystems are not a zero-sum gain. Meme coins complement utility projects, and many people who are attracted to a network by a meme coin, end up staying for the utility.

And we build mythology.


Hedera is not a collection of computers and networks and algorithms, these are the bricks and mortar. Hedera is an eclectic mix of developers, moon boys, trolls, meme lords, influencers, visionaries and dream chasers, all with quirks and capable of imagination, dreams and capable of art and enjoying humor, subtle and gross. 

Let's show the world what Hedera can do!!!

Let's showcase this blisteringly fast, beautiful, elegantly designed and implemented distributed ledger technology to the world!

Core team. Our core team are in fact our community, sincerely, the bulk of the work is being done by people dedicated to seeing our ecosystem succeed, but these are the people with the vision below:   



The infamous "YggY". Loves riddles and leaving gematria bread crumbs. If you hate government, you don't hate government more than he does. Really. When he's not out in his dinghy with MattyG, clubbing baby seals, he can be found scamming pregnant women from the Far east. Electronic Engineer in a former life, and known as "Raymond" by his enemies when they write threatening DMs about how they are going to sue him because he didn't give them enough free stuff. Often seen making poorly produced youtube videos with his chihuahua, sometimes crypto tutorials, and sometimes "Extreme recent origin theory". Can smoke a cigar IRL, not just in memes. Never, ever give him a ban hammer.

The enigmatic "TNG". Andy has had more wives than Abraham and is twice as handsome. The most interesting man in crypto, he is an esoteric magician, a meme warrior and a guerilla marketing genius. The "Special meme service" and the plethora of memes which made early XRdoge a success was on his watch. Yup, he did that. video editing, 3d art and tongue in cheek memeage all belong to him. Likes to break stuff. Doesn't get angry much but he can get a bit snippy when he's miffed and loves an "I told you so".

Tommy on XRP. Tommy is a hype guy, he can't help it, he likes wine and green candles and is in his natural habitat when they are flowing. Outwardly a straight-forward nice guy, he has hidden depths and is in fact more in tune with his inner zen that Buddha. A deeply empathetic man, he excels in breaking down simple crypto concepts and making them accessible to the layman. Of all of us, well maybe not Yggy, he has been the most vilified for his unquestionable success and positive attributes. 

Rachel. Alleged to be Yggy's granddaughter, which would put Yggy's age somewhere between 70 and 85 (ffs... couldn't you have at least said daughter), Rachel is everywhere. She doesn't multitask, she ALL THE TASKS. There is a credible conspiracy that there are 3 of her pretending to be a single individual. When Rachel isn't asking people what they had for dinner on Twitter, she is fighting off all the middle aged creeps trying to convince her to wear less clothes and show her face more for their own selfish financial ends. 

Practically perfect in every way.

Other stuff. Look, we're a meme coin, we're not really all that interested in making 50 page documents with formulas or conforming with some bullshit NGO guidelines, our formula is pretty straight forward. Once everything is ironed out, 



it's gonna be something like this when all is said and done, 25% in the hands of devs and founders, the rest out in the world, we're still in the process of distributing tokens but the supply will top out at 33 billion. We're not doing any airdrops, mostly because it allows undesirable people to get your tokens at zero cost and subsequently dump them any time your token threatens to go above zero, particularly in a bear market. The way we're allowing other people access is via XRDC swaps (XRDC is our XRPL token). anyone willing to provide liquidity in the form of HBAR, and can show us, will be allowed to trade in their XRDC tokens 1:1 for HDC. This is to benefit loyal holders and also to ensure that we are not draining liquidity from 


the Hedera token community. In this way we can demonstrate that we are a tangible benefit to the Hedera network from day one. 

If when all is said and done, and it turns out the dev/ founder proportion of tokens is too high, we will either burn tokens or burn on a schedule to create supply scarcity. On the 25th of December, no new tokens will ever be minted after that date. We will pledge to this, be held accountable by our community, and when the time comes when the functionality is available, we'll delete the keys we hold. 


As founders, we commit to never selling more tokens than the market can tolerate, that is to say, there will never, ever be a large downward spike caused by the founders selling or anyone in our orbit. It would be exceptionally foolish to do this, as it's completely counter-productive and would send our investors running for the hills. It would be ridiculous for any rational, doxxed person to ever do this or want this to happen. We want the price to sky rocket, as it means that we can sell small amounts of tokens and be wealthy. Particularly on Hedera with liquidity pairing. We are in this to get HDC on the top 100 of CMC, not to make $5k to get a "born to lose" tattoo.

And the nice thing about us is we've been successful before, we can run this project virtually indefinitely without the need to ever take anything from it. Ultimately we do want to get paid though, as if you are competent at something, why should you do it for free?


NFTS. We have a shitload of NFTs, something for everyone, and we will be minting them at the speed of Hedera. All sales will go into liquidity and remain within the Hedera ecosystem. Here are a few examples:


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