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The Plastronauts are a race of Canine Spacefarers from the Doge Galaxy. They conquered their entire galaxy and even nearby neighbouring galaxies over millions of years. Alas, over time their power waned, and the knowledge of how to master intergalactic travel was lost to some. There are now 7 tiers of Plastronauts, reflecting the level of technological development of the species.


Intergalactic. Top tier of rarity. 1/87 ratio. Silver/gold space suit, ray gun, tier 1 pet, framed, smoke, meteor/ spaceship, space background, xr77 logo, and color visor. Playdoge logo.

Galactic. Second tier of rarity. 2/87 rarity. Tier 2 pet, Ray gun, Gold spacesuit, space background, frame, smoke, Ripple logo and color visor. Playdoge logo.

Interstellar. 3rd tier of rarity. 3/87 ratio. Tier 1 handheld weapon, Blue/red space suit, space suit, smoke, Tier 2 pet, smoke, XRP logo, frame and color visor.

Interplanetary. 4th tier of rarity. 5/87 rarity. Tier 1 hand-held, Blue space suit, smoke, space background, frame and color visor.


Planetary, 5th tier of rarity. 8/87 rarity. Tier 2 hand-held, monocolor space background, pink/ orange spacesuit, dark visor.


Industrial, 6th tier of rarity. 13/87. Tier 2 gun, solid background, industrial aircraft, dark visor, pink spacesuit.


Pre-industrial, 7th tier of rarity, 34/87 rarity. Tier 3 hand-held, solid background, pre-industrial aircraft.

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